Read what owners say about their Happy Trampolines

“I am the director of the YMCA in Yorba Linda and we purchased our trampoline for the first time and the kids can’t stop jumping on it. Kids come home from school and that’s the first thing that they touch. We got the net enclosures as well and it is a very safe piece of equipment. Thank you very much Happy Trampoline for your great product. I will recommend your product to all the local directors.”

Isaac Cho – director of Yorba Linda YMCA


“I’ve owned a trampoline in the past and was looking for an upgrade. I was hesitant to order online but when I saw the warranty and the specs, I gave it a chance. I was never happier. The quality is exactly as advertised. Pamela the customer service rep was courteous and friendly and knowledgeable. I will refer my friends there definitely.”

Rob Hernandez


“Thank you Happy Trampoline for such a great trampoline. I bought a trampoline from your competitor 1 year ago, but that trampoline didn’t last. Everything about their trampoline was generic, from the frame to the jumping mat. My son is only 125 lbs and every time he jumped on that trampoline, the trampoline seemed like it wasn’t going to hold. Fear of injuries and accidents, I had to discard my old trampoline and bought a new one from Happy Trampoline. Your quality and prices are exceptional. Your frame and mat is so much more durable. You have the thickest frame I was able to find online for such an affordable price. Don’t settle for less! Go with Happy Trampoline! You’ll be satisfied!”



“Happy Trampoline, you guys rock!!! I can’t say enough about the stability of your trampoline. Because I’m over 260 lbs, I need a sturdy frame that’s going to last. Let me know if you need reference. I’d be more than happy.”



“I purchased a 14x16 rectangle trampoline from Happy Trampoline and it was indeed the best piece of exercising equipment for my family I have ever invested in. My wife jumps on it almost every day and the kids can’t stop jumping on it. It’s a great cardio workout equipment and it’s also fun. I wished I had this long time ago. Thank you Happy Trampoline and bye bye TV.”

Scott Presley of Arizona


“I use to own a Walmart trampoline a few years ago and it was weak and flimsy. After a few months, I noticed the metal tubes were getting discoloration and eventually it rusted away. It was an inattractive piece of equipment to place right at the center our backyard. When one of my friends came over and saw it, I was pretty embarrassed about it. The mat was also flimsy and faded after leaving outdoor, so it was not very attractive. I tried returning it but Walmart didn’t let me. I spent a few months researching for a trampoline online and discovered the Happy Trampoline. I have to say they have the best warranty in the industry. wow! Life time on the frames. When we got it home, it was night and day. The bounce was incredible. And the steel. It was a very heavy piece of equipment compared to the last I owned. I feel pretty safe about it with my 6 and 8 year old jumping on it every day. I will refer all my friends and family to Happy Trampoline. Thank you Becky at Happy Trampoline for helping us select the right piece of equipment for us.”

Wayne George, father of 2 energetic kids


Happy Trampoline Owners Report on the Development of Their Children

  • A 14 year old boy noticed how his friends who already owned a trampoline surpassed others in most sports, especially track and field and gymnastics
  • A 12 year old boy after jumping on the Happy Trampoline product all summer, he had dramatically improved is agility and coordination on his basketball game and surpassed most of his peers from the previous season.
  • After having used her trampoline for two years, a once inactive and out-of-shape 12 year old became the top 4 in her school of 600 in a fitness test.
  • A special needs child was tested for co-ordination 3 years after leaving a treatment center. The diagnostic team could not believe the improvements noted. The child’s parents accredited this entirely to his use of the trampoline.