Safety Manuals

1. Do not use the trampoline while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

2. Inspect the trampoline before and after each use. Make sure the trampoline frame pad is correctly and securely positioned. Make sure there are no missing, worn-out or broken trampoline springs. Check the mat to make sure there are no tears or holes. Replace any worn, defective, or missing parts.

3. Learn fundamental bounces and body positions thoroughly before trying more advanced maneuvers. A variety of trampoline maneuvers can be carried out by performing the basic fundamentals in different combinations, performing one fundamental after another, with or without feet bounces between them.

4. When getting on and off the trampoline, always climb. Do not jump from the trampoline to the floor or ground when dismounting, or onto the trampoline when mounting. Do not use the trampoline as a springboard to other objects.

5. Learn how to stop bounce by flexing knees as feet come in contact with the trampoline mat. Master this skill before attempting others.

6. If a trampoline ladder is used, remove it from the trampoline when leaving the area to prevent unsupervised access by children under 6 years of age. Secure the trampoline correctly when not in use and prevent unauthorized use.

7. Avoid bouncing too high. Stay low until bounce control and repeated landing in the center of the trampoline has been achieved. Control is more important than height.

8. Use the trampoline only with mature, adult knowledgeable supervision.

9. Trampolines over 20 in. (51cm) tall are not recommended for use by children under 6 without adult supervision.

10. Always bounce with control and awareness. While bouncing, keep head up and facing forward with eyes focused on the perimeter of the trampoline. This will help control balance.

11. Do not bounce when tired or for prolonged periods.

12. Maintain a clear area around the trampoline and remove objects which could obstruct the user. Always recommended to place trampoline 4 feet away from other objects.

13. DO NOT attempt or allow somersaults. Landing on the head or neck can cause serious injury, paralysis, or death, even when landing in the middle of the mat. For information about skills & training, contact a certified trampoline instructor.

14. Not recommended to have more than one person jumping on trampoline at any one time. Use by more than one person at the same time can result in serious injuries.

16. Bounce only when the mat is dry. The trampoline must not be used in windy conditions.

17. Read all instructions before using the trampoline. Warnings and instructions for the care, maintenance, and use of this trampoline are included to promote safe, enjoyable use of this equipment.

DO NOT wear hare-soled shoes as they cause excessive wear to the mat.

DO NOT wear jewelry, hooks, buttons, or other protrusions that might get caught on the mat.

Bounce in center of the mat.